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The lowest cost, full featured, event management and participants control solution available in the market.

EventManager is based on CubeIQ Ltd. Technology

EventManager™ is a system for managing participations to corporate events.

The system is comprised of a centralized database, plastic cards and a number of mobile terminals.
Each employee is provided with a corporate magnetic stripe or microchip identification card the details of which (card number etc.) are stored in the system database.
Events details such as date, time, venue particulars, one or many participant lists are generated in the central database and then loaded to the terminals either locally or remotely.

Each employee uses its corporate identification card to enter or exit the event venue.
Employee entrance or exit is authorized against the terminal's event database, then is validated and finally is recorder in the terminals' participants database.
For multiple entrance locations multiple terminals are used. Attendees that their ID card number is not included in the event database are not permitted to enter.
A number of controls prohibit the corresponding to a card number employee of multiple entrances or multiple exits.

Data Processing
On event completion the participants databases from each terminal are uploaded to the central database either locally or remotely.
The different event participants' partial databases are intergraded to one database instance that describes employees' participation and traffic in the specific event.
The central database can produce a number of standard reports while customized reports are available upon request.
Specific reports on a corporate group, subsidiaries, department or group of employees are available.

Interface of the central database with the corporate ERP, CRM and HRM systems.
Multi-company operation module.
Mother company and subsidiaries operation module.
Central employee registration and card personalization module
Remote (on site) employee registration and card personalization module

Customer ID medium
Magnetic stripe card
Barecode card
Protected memory chip card
Contactless card

Operating Configuration
Single site / Single access point
Single site / Multiple access points
Multiple sites / Multiple access points

Current Release: 1.50.00

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